Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hwhat's Hup?

Hello World!!
Sorry it's taken me so darn long to write/blog! Gees... I'm just not on the ball anymore.
Well, Holy Crap! Things have been moving pretty fast!!! I'm currently trying to finish out my second trimester of High School; which is surprisingly difficult. All because I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to make up all the credits I'm going to be missing out on. I think I might do some online,and take home packets. I really don't think I could keep going to school through-out it all. I know there have been many girls that have been brave enough to do it, but I'm a little different than most girls. So, ya! I get to meet a family soon! Tomorrow! They seem like a great family and I'm very very excited to meet them! They have a little girl that six years old; she's really cute! I don't really know a whole lot about them just yet, but hopefully I'll know more soon. The only reason I even came to know who they were, was because of the wonderful Rick's in my ward! They're amazing! I could never thank them enough for what they have given me; a chance for a great home for my Buddy! I'm praying everything will pan-out to how God wants it to be; which it always will.
As for everything else; it's going great!! Woo Hoo! I'm just getting a little bit of a belly, but that is totally reasonable!
Well, for more updates just call me and i'll let ya know!
Have a great DAY!! :Courtney Wortney

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh YA! Christmas '08! woo hoo.

Hey YA!
well, i forgot all about our wonderfully fun filled Christmas season!!!

Me and Kenna before we opened the Presents!!
Well, we had a ton of fun! Presents galor!! Which is always a good thing. Haha. Just Kidding.
Mom got some beautiful bunny slippers; from dad (but me&ken picked them out.!

My Dad's #1 present this year was definitally his Dallas Cowboys,game used, Helmet! It's now sitting inside his office being kept safe.

Like Father like Son. Adam adores the Dallas Cowboys! So, he recieved a wicked awesome Dart board! He loves. (we played it all morning long.)

And this how much "wonderful" snow we got! Geez two-whoppin-feet. (there was already a foot on the table) lol. :)
Well, Better go! Chao!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, HellO!!!!
It's me again...
So... Updates, right? K!
  • Softball is starting up. So, i'm going to be one of the managers this year because of some complications. :(. But I'm still excited.
  • School is going great! I'm currently getting a 4.0! woo. There's a first for everything. Haha. ;).
  • Ooooo. I have an eye lab in my Medical Anat. & Phys. class next week!! Woo!
  • And today i just got an "A" on my Medical Terms test.! woo hoo.
  • I'm currently working on re-booting my spiritual side. Reading scriptures, praying, and going to church. It's going well, and I'm glad that I'm actually getting back to somewhat of my old self.
  • I'm having a little bit of a struggle for right now with some questions I have, and who they (THE family) is. So I'm getting my dad to give me a blessing on Sunday.
  • Kenna is getting her Patriartical Blessing on Thursday! :). I'm jealous. jk.

That's it for now. Ta Ta for Now!!!


P.s. I'll try to get on more often.. ugh. sorry.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My First Blog!!

Hello People..
well, i'm courtney vaughn. i'm sixteen and a half... woo! and i'm doing pretty well right now.

Life is a little tougher because of some issues, but i'm getting through 'em. So ya! I'm super optimistic, and hoping for the best in life. Woo :)!

so this is my first blog right? well, i don't really know what to talk about. i'm just going to school at Sky View High. Go Bobcats. I love to play sports; mostly fastpitch softball with my sister Kenna.

My family consists of some of the most amazing people; even though sometimes i say otherwise.

~My Dad: Leigh (Lee) Vaughn.

-He's pretty much the best dad any teenage girl could have! really. he's fun-loving, and one of my best friends. especially now more than ever.!! i love him. he's like my giant teddy bear. even though he can stink, cause of his cologne my mom buys him, i love him! woo.:)

~My Mom: Tami Vaughn.

-She's cool. Right now we're in some sort of a tussle. Just a he said she said kind of fight. Idk what's really going on. We just don't get along like we used to, but soon enough we'll have to get along sometime.

~My Twin Sister: McKenna Vaughn

-She's cool, at times. She can be a brat, but i love her. She is one of my closest friends, yet enemies; at times. We can get into a fight one instant and the next be ready and willing to stand up for one another.

~My Little Sister: Rachel Vaughn.

-This girl is just plain adorable. She loves everyone and everything. Twighlight is her latest love, including Edward, and how oh so dreamy he has got to be. She's my dork, and i love her. Even though i don't show her enough lovin. lol. But she's a cutie.

~My Little Brother: Adam Vaughn.

-He's my little midget man! He loves that nickname, and i was the one who gave it to him. Woo.! :) He loves his daddy and is an exact replica of him. Really! He's absolutely adorable towards me, and everyone else. lol. He loves sports and won't ever get off his favorite video game Madden 07 or NBA 2K8. ugh. He's cute though.

So there ya go. That's the family i've been born and raised in. Awesome, right? :). I love 'em.

Well, I better get going to bed. I got a long day of school ahead. Woo. Go Cats.

/Courtney Wortney :)